• EARLY BIRD ticket : € 37 (incl. € 3 ticketingfee) : NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  • Ticket : € 43 (inc. € 3 ticketingfee)



For the safety of the visitors and our volunteers, we like to avoid having too much cash at the festival. Therefore, we offer different options to pay for your drinks.

  • SCAN QR-CODE, order and pay with your smartphone
    • No need to buy vouchers upfront
    • This is by far the fastest way to get your drinks
    • Show the confirmation code at the bar and they will get you your drinks in no time
      • No need for shouting at the bartender
      • No misunderstandings
      • You will get a confirmation email each time you place an order just in case you lose the confirmation code, which rarely happens (check your spam mail if you don't see it).
      • TIP: if you don't want your husband/wife to see how many beers you have ordered, use an email address he/she doesn't use ;-) 
  • ORDER AND PAY AT THE BAR, using your bank card
    • No need to by vouchers upfront
    • You will still need to shout at the bartender
    • Our bartenders will get you your drinks as soon as possible
    • If you really want to use vouchers, you can buy them at the venue (and pay by bank card or cash) or online using the link above. 
    • Vouchers are only available per € 10 (minimum € 20 online)
    • Vouchers can't be refunded